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Al-Hafeez Welfare Trust serves humanity without any discrimination on a no-profit, no-loss basis. Operational and development expenses are met by donations from the general public.

Youth Education and Training; Workshop for Jobs and Skill Development.

Domestic Violence Therapy

Bridging Between Interfaith Communities.

Promote Health Care through a healthy lifestyle, mental health, elderly care and reduction in inequalities among deprived communities.

Advancement of education.

Relief of poverty, sickness, and distress.

Promotion of health.

The religious harmony for the benefit of the public:

a) By educating about different religious beliefs, including an awareness of their distinctive features and their common ground in order to promote good relations between people of different faiths.

b) Promoting knowledge, mutual understanding and respect of the beliefs and practices of different faiths. 

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Al Hafeez Welfare Trust is determined to empower education of deprived sector people in Pakistan. In this connection a series of schools and individual scholarships have been established in the Kachi abadies (slums) of Islamabad where homeless people are residing. Here the children are provided with free education. Al Hafeez Welfare Trust established two schools in sector 1-10 during earth quake relief operation. Beside academics here the students are encouraged to participate in extra circular activities. School books and stationary is also arranged for the students.

Poverty hampers many families to get their girls married because of not arranging dowry. Al-Hafeez Welfare Trust provide assistance in this regard by helping poor and orphan girls.

Upon request of the needy, we quietly investigate their case and try to help with items of need. We carry out our services in a way such that the self-respect of the subject is not hurt and they can fulfill their obligations honorably. We on the basis of request either provide monetary aid or just provide items of need.

If all of us can donate some of the money spent on unnecessary traditions at the weddings of our own children like movie making, joota chupaye, mahndi etc, we can earn valuable dua's of the needy.

It is great blessing of God to have the kind supervision of Parents. Life becomes bitter and troubling when children loose their parents. Realising this misery of orphans Al-Hafeez Welfare Trust is supporting many widows and orphan children for their living and education.

A Turbiah (Fostering) Academy Project for 11+ orphans children is under way in suburb area of Islamabad.

Al-Hafeez Welfare Trust does its best to help the needy people incase of a natural disaster.

Al-Hafeez welfare responded immediately during the devastating earthquake that terrorized northern Pakistan in Oct 2006. Our response consisted of providing much needed warm clothes in cold conditions. We further distributed other accessories in the some other affected areas specifically Gari habibullah. We also managed to establish two schools for imparting knowledge to the effected.

Tent School established for the children of the effected areas

In disaster response our immediate concern is to provide relief including shelter, food and medical assistance to the disaster affecters to enable them to resume their normal daily life independently.

Recently when earthquake came to Baluchistan (Pakistan) Al-Hafeez Welfare Trust provided warm clothes and house hold items.

The medical sector in Pakistan is very much neglected and underfunded, we believe much could be done to improve this. Doing our bit we carry out free medical camps in the poverty stricken areas (slums) in Islamabad and surrounding areas.

In this continuation free eye camps and free health checkups are conducted by Al-Hafeez Welfare Trust. Here a team of doctors visit established camps in our schools for free checkups. Anybody from young to old, male and female are checked free of cost by our able doctors and if required special medical assistance is also provided.

More work is much needed and we welcome your generous cooperation.

Clean drinking water is the basic necessity of all human beings. Unfortunately in a capital city like Islamabad, there are deprived places where many are without this basic need. This then forces people to drink unhygienic and unfiltered water resulting to various gastro diseases amongst people of all ages especially children.

In a country like Pakistan, medical costs run high and therefore treatment and medicine cost money. Money is hard to come by for the deprived.

Al-Hafeez Welfare Trust installed hand pumps in the Kachi abdis (Slums) of Islamabad, this now brings clean and hygienic water to the people.

More work is much needed and we welcome your generous cooperation.

ADDRESS: 5 Barnhill Road, Prestwich, Manchester M25 9WH - United Kingdom
PHONE: +44 (0) 7779 457935

Dr. Mohammad H. Arshad
Managing Trustee

ADDRESS: House No 2, Lane No: 17, Sector H, Defence Housing Authority Phase 2, Islamabad.
PHONE: +92 3239 732135

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